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Sony MDR-1ABT – Design

The Sony MDR-1ABT look, no surprise, an awful lot like the MDR-1A headphones we reviewed earlier this year. Sony’s headphones have a distinct style, and it’s a sound one that offers a hint of urban flavour while being a lot more neutral than a pair of Beats headphones.

Of course, some may take issue with the Sony MDR-1ABT’s familiarity. The MDR-1As are £170 headphones, these are £300 ones, without any obvious upgrade in build quality.

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Sony MDR-1ABT – Features

First, wireless is optional. There’s a 3.5mm socket for when you run out of battery or can’t be bothered to go wireless, and there’s a cable in the box. On the underside of one cup is a mic for handsfree calls and there’s just one button on the Sony MDR-1ABT, the power button.

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Sony MDR-1ABT – Sound Quality

The Sony MDR-1ABT use a kind of digital processing called DSEE HX that claims to upscale non Hi-Res audio to a quality comparable to the good stuff.It sounds to us like this happens as part of the DAC chain: the part that converts the digital wireless signal into the analogue one that eventually drives the 40mm dynamic drivers used here. Plus it’s what makes sense from a technical perspective.

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